Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top 5 Excuses Not to Lose Weight and How to Beat Them

Many of us fail to lose weight because we find any imaginable excuse not to eat healthy or to exercise. Here are the top 5 excuses that will prevent you from meeting you weight loss goals and how to beat them:

1. I am afraid I will gain the weight back. We are afraid that even if we follow a diet for a few weeks or months, we will eventually give up and gain those pounds back. We've all experienced this or heard this happen to a fried or a member of our family. The main reason why people just give up is because their dieting plan is to strict to follow. The best thing you can do is start slowly, choose a not so strict diet and treat yourself once in a while

2. I do not have time. It does not matter how busy your schedule is, you need to find the time to take care of your health. The ultimate solution is to modify your schedule and put healthy shopping and exercising at the top of your list. These should be your top priority and even work is not as important as your health. You won't be able to do your job properly if you are always sick and tired.

3. I don't have money for a trainer. Personal trainers can be a luxury that not everyone can afford. The good news is you do not need a personal trainer in order to lose weight. There is a wonderful thing called the Internet where you can go and make your own research and connect to other people that are trying to lose weight. If you are on a budget, start education yourself for free!

4. I don't feel like working out today. We all have days when we just want to relax and procrastinate. The problem is that if we skip one or two workouts, we usually tend to stop doing our exercises for a few weeks, even months. The best way to prevent this is to do our training based on time and not on our mood. If you have decided you are going to work out every 2 days at 7:30 am. do it, even if you don't fell like it.

5. I am embarrassed with my weight. You just signed up for a local gym but you don't go there regularly because you are self-conscious about your weight. This can be a major issue because you need to exercise on a regularly bases and you cannot go to the gym only when you feel like it. If you are not comfortable exercising around a lot of people, you can choose to go the gym during off hours and if you are a female, it may be a good idea to look for a gym that only women go to.

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