Sunday, August 1, 2010

Begin Losing Weight

Looking to drop extra weight dead in its tracks? If you have some extra pounds you've been dying to get rid of, look no further. You can begin to lose the weight without having to spend countless hours at the gym or crunching calories.

Here are two simple but important ways to begin to lose weight. It will only take two minutes to read these tips!

Whatever you do eat, make sure it is high in protein.

Regardless of what meal it is, you need protein. Protein is the substance that helps maintained proper sugar levels. If you don't have stable blood sugar than you will notice that you have cravings that are hard to control, as well as feeling extremely hungry.

Also, protein boosts metabolism, which makes sense, as your body is made up of protein!

It's fairly simple to figure out what meals have protein in them. Any type of meats such as chicken, lean beef, beans, any type of legumes, protein shakes. Sometimes finding snacks with protein is hard but any type of yogurt, string cheese, and protein bars (just watch out for sugar content), or a handful of nuts.

Watching TV tonight? Jump rope while watching TV, it helps!

Everyone knows how great boxer's bodies are. This is from working out a lot, and a little known fact; they also jump rope. Even though you're not looking to be a boxer, this exercise drops pounds fast.

Jump rope during your commercial breaks, that totals to about 10 minutes of a half hour show. You won't notice the time going by if you break it up over your TV time, but you will notice the ponds drop.

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